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Askaan also is keen to be the first in the county by presenting unprecedented special services and social initiatives. By these, the Company does not seek profit; rather, they are designed to raise health and cultural awareness among members of society.

Below are some of the initiatives provided by Askaan to the community:
1-    Distributing free first aid boxes for all flats.

2-    Holding free medical camp for the tenants, in cooperation with Thumbay Group, including test of sugar and pressure.

3-    Distributing useful books to the tenants of all ages.

4-    Hosting the Movable Library Vehicle near the buildings managed by Askaan to encourage the tenants and children to read.

5-    Happiness boxes initiative – a suggestion box at the entrance of buildings, so that clients drop their new idea about the initiatives they with the Company carries out during the Year of Giving.

6-     Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign For Ladies in The "Pink October".

7-     Initiative For The Elderly People in the " World Day Of Elderly".

8-     Initiative For Special Needs Children " WE Are Love You".

Social initiatives and services continue for the benefit of community members, as they are part of the national process.