Our Services

Property Management:  Tailored for Excellence

At Askaan Properties, our property management services are designed with your happiness and comfort at the forefront. We are committed to elevating your experience to unparalleled heights through a meticulous approach to service and innovation.

Client-Centric Feedback and Enhancements

We actively engage with our clients through biannual surveys, seeking your invaluable feedback and suggestions. This continuous dialogue enables us to enhance our services and meet your expectations at every level.

Streamlined Operations for Optimal Efficiency

Our Leasing Department is powered by a specialized electronic system that integrates seamlessly with our Finance Department. This innovation not only streamlines property and client management but also ensures the delivery of precise, detailed monthly reports to property owners.

Property Maintenance and Safety Checks

A dedicated team conducts weekly inspections to uphold the highest standards of cleanliness and safety across all properties. We prioritize easy access to emergency exits and strict compliance with Civil Defense and Ajman Municipality regulations, diligently addressing any service area damages.

Financial and Legal Management

We adeptly manage financial discrepancies, including delayed payments and bounced checks, through meticulous follow-ups and legal proceedings if necessary. Our approach includes filing cases with the police or the Rent Disputes Committee and keeping all parties fully informed through our Legal Proceedings Department.

Contract Registration & Attestation

Askaan Real Estate provides a smooth and fast contract registration and Tasdeeq service through the Ajman Municipality website.